Tennis looks to maintain domination

One year ago in Spokane, the three-time defending Northwest Athletic Association of Community College (NWAACC) Women’s Tennis Champions, our very own Bulldogs, faced off against the Skagit Valley Cardinals.

While the game was considered an even matching and was held in high anticipation, the points at the end of the match suggested otherwise. As the games and sets progressed, BCC simply outplayed, out-maneuvered, and inevitably defeated Skagit Valley’s Cardinals.

After claiming their fourth consecutive NWAACC Championship, the team returned home with their heads held high, faces aglow with brilliant smiles.
Yet however blissful the prospect of being “No. 1” may seem, the time is upon us, once again, for BCC’s girls to tie up their laces and re-string their rackets for the 2009 tennis season.

Jason Chapman, currently a tennis professional at Robinswood Tennis Center, has been head coach for the BCC women’s tennis team for the past seven years, four of which have seen NWAACC championships, (’05, ’06, ’07, and ’08.)

The Sammamish resident has turned BCC’s once mediocre tennis program into a highly reputable and powerful force to be reckoned with. While Coach Chapman has developed BCC’s tennis program into what it is today, both the program and team are nothing without the players themselves.

The current team consists of 11 players: Janet Adisuwono, a sophomore from Chij St Theresa’s HS in Singapore; Alexandra Cayce, a freshman from Seattle Academy; Vanessa Estes, a freshman from Port Angeles; Lauren Heino, a sophomore from Woodinville; Hannah Jordt, a sophomore from Skyline; Estee Kaskes, a freshman from Bothell; Rika Matsumoto, a freshman from Grace Christian Academy in Saipan; Stella Dwifaradewi, a freshman from Indonesia; Kelsey Mickels, a freshman from Stanwood; Dorine Rassaian, a freshman from International School; and Stephanie Tom, a freshman from Inglemoor.

The team’s first game was on Sunday, March 15 at Robinswood Tennis against the College of Idaho at Robinswood Tennis Center- the Bulldog’s home court.

Though the BCC tennis team did get off to a good start this 2009 season, their 48 match winning streak since April 28, 2004 was broken after losing to Seattle University on March 20th.

The game, hosted at Bellevue’s home courts at Robinswood’s Tennis Center, was dominated by Seattle University, the visitors winning 8 sets to 1.

The real focus, however, revolves around the upcoming NWAACC tournament. Though the date is yet to be determined, the game should take place from Friday, May 15th, to Sunday, May 17th.

The BCC tennis team begins this 2009 tennis season with hopes of capturing yet another NWAACC Championship, which would be BCC’s fifth consecutive championship.

If the team were to achieve such a feat, it would certainly make the Bulldogs a more reputable and intimidating opponent, even from an international standpoint.

While the prospects of such an achievement is exciting, there is still a long way to go and many matches to be played until BCC makes its way, once again, to the NWAACC Championship. Certainly a ‘dynasty in the making,’ the team’s success clearly reflects great amounts of dedication, effort, good coaching, but most importantly, talent.

The team’s next game is scheduled to be on Saturday, April 11th in Seattle against Shoreline. The game will take place at 10:00 AM.

Corrections: Alexandra Cayce is no longer part of the BC tennis team. BC’s tennis team has won their last 50 competitive matches. The team’s loss against Seattle University was an exhibition game and therefore did not end their competitive winning streak. Rika Matsumoto is a sophomore, not a freshman as written in the article.