Texting lingo: Not for the spoken word

I love when people use lingo in real life like “whatev’s” and “I will ‘def’ be there”.

It kind of makes a person sound, perhaps, moronic.

understand if it slips out now and then, because lets face it: We all say stupid things like that while chatting via the Internet. It’s kind of like a rule. If you are talking to someone on the Internet you must use the most obscure catch phrase /references to keep things interested, right?

But where shall the line be drawn between real life and Internet lingo? Well, I have come up with a few rules that should be thought about before forcing people to embark on the wild goose chase that is trying to understand obscure popular vocabulary.

One is that basically anything is acceptable when chatting it up over the intro-net.

I.e., I can type “whatev’s” on an instant messenger and it is perfectly acceptable, because it sounds different and cool and it’s the ‘haps’

The Internet is basically a wet dream for teens who want to be different and want a place to express themselves without being judged by the tone of their voices. The words they type are conveniently displayed on a computer screen where they are literally interpreted through the eye of the beholder, like a book.

But with this in mind, make sure not to over do it. When too many words with alternate ending/abbreviations of words are in a sentence it can be disaster just make sure it makes sense.

Real life is a whole different story. Although it is very popular for 12 year old girls to go around screaming things like, “OMG YOU ARE SO LAME…JK LOL ILY”, it’s bad taste. Words weren’t meant to be piled into abbreviations. Soon we will hear people saying things like this HDYWTGOTDWMTOS (translation, “hey do you want to go out to dinner with me tomorrow or something”). That would sounds stupid. Abbreviations said in a real life conversation translate as LAZY and annoying.

Also a helpful hint: adding a random, ‘ilo’, ‘amoundo’, ‘ness’, or anything along those lines at the end of a word is a no-no.

Examples: Whatevers, SWEETNESS, COOLIO, COOLAMOUNDO RADNESS…. I think you get the point regardless you either come off sounding like the Fonze or an idiot.

All in all, my advice: Try not to butcher our well-composed language, (a language I happen to love dearly) and treat it with respect. Although words can make anything beautiful, when manipulated and mistreated, they can be the ugliest of all that is ugly.