That fine line

We are in deep this winter quarter. It’s colder than hell outside and with spring quarter creeping around the corner, midterms and college applications due by the end of the month, there is a fine line we as students have to cross that meets doing well here and living in the present or for the future.

The “line” I am speaking of relates to the generalized idea of no matter how much time passes, no matter how much you think you got all of your sh&* together, the enormous heap of crap you must keep track of to stay organized and do well in school, seems endless.

It is as if everyone in college is constantly working to obtain a certain goal to do well at BC and transfer somewhere else and then get a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, Doctorate, etc. I consider this to be some sort of a symptomatic illness our generation will develop with (aside from our short attention spans) not being able to just enjoy right now. It is impossible for most and for some it comes easy, which I applaud you for not falling down the well.

Parents and legitimate “grown-ups” always say the same thing, that college is a challenge and as time passes, things only get more complicated with your career, bills, marriage, children, 401 K health insurance and your health.

Although it may seem impossible to enjoy right now because the days seem to blend together and last time you checked you were in high school, escaping from campus security, to grab a burger for lunch instead of waiting in line at the cafeteria for “Taco-Tuesdays,” and times were much more simple back then, just take a deep breath, and realize that everything you’re doing is to get to that point in your life where you can be content with everything you have done to earn your degree and all the decisions you’ve made in the process—good and bad.