The Belletrist, BC’s art and literature magazine

The Belletrist is Bellevue College’s online literary arts magazine. It is an open space for students to share and express their creativity in all forms. The Belletrist offers student an opportunity to be published, and perhaps not “feel like they’re the only art kid on the corner doodling when they’re supposed to be doing homework,” said Claire O’Rourke who is the social media coordinator for Belletrist and a member of the ENGL 296 class.

Submissions for the magazine can come from students, staff and faculty As well as people outside of the college, such as alumni.

The Belletrist staff consists of students enrolled in the ENGL 296 Special Studies in Literature Class, which has different topics each quarter, but works exclusively on the magazine during winter quarter. The Belletrist staff gains experience selecting and editing art work, and also designs and implements a website for the magazine. The class each quarter “Allows specialized or in-depth study of a subject supplementing the literature curriculum. Student interest and instructor expertise help determine the topic” according to the online course description. Credits earned are varied. Students can take the class for one to five credits, depending on their preference. Credits earned are counted as English elective credits. Volunteers are also welcome to help with the work.

As an online publication, artwork published by the Belletrist ranges from poetry and paintings to music and videos. Almost all forms of art are accepted by the Belletrist. Burns Stated:

“Since it’s online we can accept all types of digital files as well as written stuff, so we’re certainly looking for prose, poetry, art. Within prose we do accept non-fiction as well as fiction[…] and then the artwork can really vary from digital art to photo art.”

According to Burns, the magazine is “typically available to the public early spring quarter.” Check the all-BC FYI emails for updates.

Currently, The Belletrist magazine is looking for submissions from people of the Bellevue College community. Burns said “we are eagerly waiting for submissions, we’ve gotten very few so far mostly artwork.” The magazine is an annual publication, and if submissions are received past the due date they will be put in reserve for the following year. Originally the deadline for submissions was February 9, but that has been extend to mid-February.

Submissions for the Belletrist can be emailed to Visit their website for specific details and to view previous years’ issues of the Belletrist at their website.