The Halloween Dance

Halloween Dance groupcropped

The International Student Association had been preparing for the Halloween Dance up until last week. On Saturday night, Oct. 25, the school cafeteria was transformed into dance party central, with DJ DTL pumping out remixes for the werewolves and lady bugs to dance to throughout the night.

The International Student Association’s Program Coordinator, Valery Borodina, stated in regards to preparations for the dance that the ISA “didn’t have any major setbacks other than the DJ showing up later than anticipated. Everything was on time. Myself as well as nine other students were in charge of organizing the dance and set up. Each of us are international students and it was difficult trying to get the food and the DJ, because since none of us are from here we don’t have the contacts or people.  We try to do our best, we want to have more dances but it is very hard to promote, there have been times where we start planning but it does not get finished. This dance is a way to show our international students what the American culture is, I am so lucky to have such an amazing and a fabulous team that has been able to help me, we are like family and I couldn’t be happier with the job we did.”

Last year’s dance had an “Alice in Wonderland” theme, this year it was scary pumpkins. Hours before the dance ISA volunteers and officers set up for the party with crazy decorations and spooky treats. The halls of the Student Union building were covered with spider webs and bloody pieces of cloth. Inside the party, the big speakers and neon lights facing the middle of the room set the party mood.

At the beginning, the ISA members and officers surprised everyone with a flash mob with freaky dance moves and music. During the night, the International Student Association encouraged students to take part in their annual costume contests. There were five categories: sexiest, coolest, funniest, creepiest and cutest. Along with the dancing and a chance to wear costumes, food and drinks were provided by the ISA.  Students, both national and international, were able to have a good time bringing the community closer together.

Many at the dance expressed their enjoyment of the evening, including the studentKirsten Dee, who said: “I came with my girlfriends to this dance looking for fun. I must have three or four blisters on the bottom of my foot right now, but, hey, it’s worth the pain.” Erin Neal, a visiting student from Highline Community College said: “I had and am still having a blast!” she also commented on the party food saying “It’s devilishly delicious.” Joel Brandan, who dressed up as a bloody zombie, said, “This is one of the coolest nights at Bellevue College. Most people come dressed up as their favorite characters and no one can really judge you because we all look like freaks.” One student Jackie Rockowitz joked saying, “I think I’m burning more calories dancing on the floor tonight than on that run I went on yesterday.”

Multiple pictures and videos were taken and posted on the Internet throughout the evening by students and guests. Even the disk jockey took two selfies while performing during the evening. Some members of the ISA filmed everyone on the dance floor.