The mystery behid Art 205’s low enrollment

By Morgan Hodder.
Art History 205 may be the department’s unsung voice. Maybe it’s time for it to sing.
Students in the Interior Design program are required to take two art history classes. One of them is ART 203, which covers art through the late 18th century to 21st century from Europe and America. The other art history requirement is an elective, either ART 201, 202 or 205.
While Art 201 and 202 both focus on European art, 205 is the only class available that covers art from around the world. Yet, not enough students enroll for the class for it to be offered.
“I feel [among BCC’s student and faculty body that] there’s a climate that doesn’t encourage global [interest and investment].” said Ron Tanzi, BCC art professor and designer of the Art 205 class. He found it especially intriguing that students won’t sign up for this class even after BCC launched its Diversity Caucus to push the diversity element.
The caucus holds committees to encourage understanding of the various cultures found within the student body, and establishing a dialogue between faculty and these students. “If we love diversity so much, why won’t anyone sign up for this class?” said Tanzi.
Ron Tanzi said he designed Art 205 because there ought to be a nonwestern class to balance out the other three European-focused classes. “It’s hard to get a new class offered in school,” said Tanzi. It took three years to go through four different curriculum committees before the class was approved.
In the first half of the class, Art 205 covers art from China, Japan, Korea and India.