Twenty-two and out of the loop

By Stephen King.
As we all know, the current economic climate is making it harder and harder to find a job. What’s even more disconcerting is the fact that people like me, in the age bracket of eighteen to twenty-two, will be hit hardest by this. My younger brother, who is thirteen and has yet to be beaten down by the horrors of the working world, will be, and might well currently be, more employable than I am. I recently took a class here at Bellevue Community College related to writing for the Web and, upon bragging to my family about the new things I was learning, my younger brother seemed to already be familiar with them. What’s worse, I rang him on several occasions to ask for advice related to the course, only to find that his help was more valuable than my tutor’s. Now, I don’t think that this occurrence was in any way an indication of a poor standard of teaching here at BCC, nor testament to my brother’s astounding intellect. No, in fact this said to me that my brother belongs to a generation that is far more computer-savvy than ours. Our generation, which has seen the implementation of the computer, has had to make the transition of researching at the local library to surfing the Web. These days, kids are inseparable from their computers, and I’m not surprised. The PC I was first acquainted with was synonymous with homework and school projects, the only appealing feature being