Using social media to get hired

If you wanted a job so badly would you do anything to get your foot in the door, would you write to them, publicly? Social media has become the new and advanced way of getting the attention of potential employers so why not use that medium to reach out to them?
Susan Adam, a writer for Forbes wrote an amazing article helping people understand the how-to’s of writing to a company via social media.
Start by writing your brand by including a background of experiences. This also needs to have an object that is easy-to-understand that outlines an objective. This helps outline personal brand via social media and is clear to recruiters.
Having an idea helps serve the purpose of your plan. Having a section that explains who you are or and about me section that describes who you are, and that way you can link your other social media sites such as Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and others.
Be yourself. This is so important because not being who you are will only get you in trouble when an employer realizes you lied. Put your personality in your blog and incorporate your favorite brands, products and ideas to show your creativity. Every individual is different and authentic, your personality will stand out if you are more original than following everyone else’s ideas.
Being a leader also ties into being individual. For instance, using a Tumblr to show pictures of a fashion show or reposting photos of celebrity style shows creative style and edge.
Think about how you are coming across to your audience as well, because you will attract what you put out there. If your blog has negative posts you won’t get far but if you show that you can be open to ideas and friendly you can actually inspire others so you will get more of an audience. Remember to be somewhat entertaining but more or less, inspiring.
Along with being open to ideas and arguing both sides, make sure you present all kinds of ideas through websites such as YouTube, Pinterest or other sites that apply to what you are seeking.
Not being afraid to say something also makes you stand out. This is another way of reaching out to companies, by telling your story, thoughts and ideas. Tweeting is also a great way to get noticed.
What is important to remember, however, is to separate your personal social media life and professional. Make sure employers can’t access your personal information or photographs,  just like you wouldn’t go to a job interview and show an employer photos of you partying.
Social media is a new force in our lives, and it’s a matter of time until it becomes  integrated into other areas like gaining employment. The time may come where references won’t have to be listed on a job application and   employers would just search your employment history and talk to your old boss over Facebook.
Whether or not this becomes a trend is up to time to tell, but since the opening exists in this job market, no reason not to take it.