Visiting scholar Dr. Liu Yi returns to Shanghai

Dr. Liu Yi - cropped

Dr. Liu Yi is a visiting scholar from Shanghai, China who came to the United States Jan. 30, 2014 and departed on Feb. 15, 2015.

As a visiting scholar of the Chinese government, Dr. Yi conducted some social research, took a couple classes at Bellevue College and participated in a cooperation program in which she held a few seminars and workshops and taught a five credit class.

Dr. Yi  began observing and co-teaching courses before teaching a class by herself. Her specialty at BC is Chinese business culture, for those who are interested in starting a business in or expanding internationally into China.

“I enjoyed the experience of teaching here, [it is] very nice,” Yi said. She has also held several workshops on China’s business culture and history at University of Washington Seattle and Bothell.

With a doctorate in crisis management from Donghua University in China, Dr. Yi was also the associate dean of republic management at the university and will resume her position when she returns to Shanghai.

Dr. Yi’s research conducted at BC is focused on the different educational structures in the U.S. and how they compare to China. Furthermore, having a doctorate in crisis management, Dr. Yi attended several seminars and workshops at Boeing and Microsoft regarding crisis and responses during emergency situations. Aside from her field, Dr. Yi also focuses on environmental actions and self-sustainability that can be practiced by corporations.

At BC, Dr. Yi has taught a five credit Chinese Business Culture course and a Chinese language class in the Continuing Education program. She also held a workshop in business culture that was open to the public.

The biggest difference Dr. Yi experienced here is the student culture. In Yi’s opinion, most American college students possess the ability to put on a good presentation and have a very flexible way of learning, while doctorate students in China are still developing such qualities.

Irene Ferrante who  has worked with Dr. Yi for the past year, said, “Coming to the United States for the first time, Dr. Liu Yi embraced her new surroundings.”

Ferrante is grateful for Dr. Yi’s contributions to the Institute for Business and Information Technology program.

“Although we will miss her, I know that she will continue to be a great friend to Bellevue College and a great resource,” said Ferrante.

Keith Rowley, a colleague of Dr. Yi, complimented Yi. “She is intelligent, kind, funny and generous,” Rowley said, “I was always amazed at her English language skills.Our desks are next to each other in the iBIT Adjunct office, and sometimes she would ask the definition of an English word. I would begin to explain and before I could finish, she would stop me and say, ‘OK, I understand.’ From that moment on, the word was instantly part of her vocabulary and part of her world.”

The Director of Operations, Donna Sullivan, made arrangements for Dr. Yi’s travel and residence.

“Liu Yi is an accomplished scholar and an experienced teacher and administrator,” Sullivan said, “She is intelligent and charming.  I enjoyed getting to know her and became quite friendly with her during her stay.  She was kind to me and even invited me to a luncheon prepared by her family.  We shared the nicknames ‘meimei’ and ‘jiejie’ which mean younger and elder sister, respectively.”

Overall, Dr. Yi enjoyed life at BC and the U.S, and she specifically liked the environment, its natural beauty and the climate. “Especially the people here. They’re so nice,” said Yi. During her stay in the U.S., Yi was supported by her colleagues at the iBIT department and when she returns to Shanghai, she will be resuming her position at Donghua University.