W.T.F.- California Girls

(SOURCE: http://benyricardosadewo.onsugar.com/home?page=2)
(SOURCE: http://benyricardosadewo.onsugar.com/home?page=2)

Katy Perry said it best, “You could travel the world but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast.” Being a California girl myself I cant help but agree with Katy 100%.  After returning to my old life for almost a month of summer vacation in my hometown of Huntington Beach, California (that’s right I’m originally from the O.C. and yes I know I’m crazy for moving to Washington) I noticed the different styles and trends of my old stomping grounds.

During my stay I observed what these West Coast girls wear on a daily basis and if in fact that are rocking the cheek exposing Daisy Dukes and the little bikini tops as Ms. Perry states in her overplayed pop song “California Gurls” and how Washington girls compare.

In comparison to the Seattle street style, Orange County girls have their similarities and their definite differences in the way they dress. Cali girls are very natural with the way they style their beach waved hair and the way they dress but there seems to be more neon colors incorporated in their tank tops, v-necks and even skinny jeans.

Washington girls wear more muted colors and darker tones, I guess to match the everyday gloom and doom weather. Personally I find it very hard to avoid the darker colors in Washington when the weather is dark and gloomy. The same goes for California weather I love wearing all black but when the sun is shining I feel really out of place and oddly dressed.

It’s weird to think that I lived in Southern California for 18 years and Washington only one and I was still shocked by how sunny it was in California. The sun didn’t skip a beat and was out every day I was there and I still brought a sweater everywhere I went and even an umbrella. I guess a year in Washington has brainwashed me to think the sun doesn’t consistently come out even in the summer.

Sun dresses, flowy tank tops and short shorts, t shirts and jeans, the style of the Cali girls seems to be super casual, comfortable and skin baring, you won’t see any Bermuda shorts or three-quarter length sleeves on these girls.

It’s odd to say but it was very freeing to walk around in little dresses, skirts, and shorts without having to put on a sweater or layer with leggings or worry about getting cold. It’s an even better feeling being that the Washington summer has been less than warm and very inconsistent. California is very consistent with its warm, sunny weather, can I say that enough?

However the random sunny day in Washington does beat a week of sunny weather in California because of its surprising appearance and all the trees make that random day worth all the gloom.

But as much as I love California and it’s beautiful non seasonal weather I will not be ditching the Pacific Northwest just yet so don’t fret W.T.F. fans (all five of you, including my mom) I’ll be sticking around for at least another year.