When pseudoscientific ignorance is used to profit

On April 6, Gawker published an article written by Yvette d’Entremont titled “The ‘Food Babe’ Blogger Is Full of Sh-t,” and it was amazing. Getting nearly 4.5 million views, the article and its unapologetic takedown of the Food Babe went viral.

Vani Hari, better known as “The Food Babe,” a former software consultant, is now an Internet personality known for a focus on what is claimed to be natural and healthy eating.

Hari has written some of the most egregiously inaccurate statements about food and chemistry in her website, and is a major contributor to idiotic misinformation in the general public.

Hari isn’t a nutjob on the Internet spewing falsehood for fun, she’s in it for the profit, to the extent of contradicting her own statements. One target of Hari’s was Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, which she claimed to have a toxic level of sugar, at 50 grams. At the same time, Hari sells a detoxifying drink for $9 a bottle – with 42 grams of sugar and a warning for diabetics.

Pseudoscience is bad enough, playing on individual’s fears and general inability to form an accurate understanding of how the world works reverses the progress that we as a species have made through hard work and science. Not only does Hari confirm and further faulty methods of logic and thinking, but she’s demonstrating to everybody else just how profitable it is to take advantage of the general ignorance.

When liars and cheats know how to appear credible and convince people that homeopathic medication is effective, the structure of water is fundamentally changed when exposed to negative energy (that is, saying the words “Hitler” and “Stalin” at water) or that airplane cabins are full of nitrogen that harmfully pressurizes the human body. Everything humans have worked for starts to fly out the window.

A dark age of superstition and stupidity is all that can come from following charlatans like Hari, where causality is simply what any moron on the street considers to make sense to them at the time.

D’Entremont has struck a huge blow for logic and reason. Millions are having their eyes opened to the facts of reality and learning that they are being scammed.

History will only give us more and worse Vani Haris until the human race collectively pulls its head out of its rear and learns some basic physics, chemistry and biology.

For as long as people remain willfully ignorant as to the workings of the world, there will be an eager line of liars and cheats happy to profit off the ignorance and superstition of the average human.