Women’s basketball: Airashay Rogers

Bellevue College women’s basketball is having one of their best seasons yet, being first place in the North Division and having a record of 9-1. They have lost only once on the road in a tight game against the number three spot in the North, Skagit Valley, with a score of 62-59. This is not a new scene- being first in their division; however, they need to finish off the season strong, continuing their streak winning  four consecutive games this season. The Bellevue College women’s basketball team will be having three home games and one away game for the next two weeks. In the midst of this schedule, they will again be facing off against Skagit Valley, who has stained their perfect season. The team lost last time playing on the road;  we will see if they can beat Skagit Valley with home court advantage.

One of the key players that has contributed to this season’s success is Airashay Rogers, a 5’ 7” sophomore guard from Hazen High School. She has been complimented in many interviews by Jeremy Eggers, coach of women’s basketball. She is one of the three leaders in this team, including Maddison Rankin and Tayler Flemming. All of these leaders have different roles in the team. Rogers’ role is that of action. “Being a leader is just being like a team player,” she says. “[She] does not necessarily have to be the most vocal person on the team. You can lead with action. Say a few words when the team needs it. Speeches and things like that. Advice…Pretty much just a team player, a person who does everything.”

The whole team’s game plan is based on one basic factor, which is defense. As the saying goes, “offense wins games, defense wins championships.” That same rule can be applied to this team. When the team gets a steal or a stop in the defensive end, it will lead to a fast break and a chance to get a bucket. “Communication and playing defense, talking on defense is the most important part about basketball,” says Rogers. “You have to communicate and be on the same page, so the other team does not get a chance to score.” Communicating on defense takes time to practice and strengthen the bond with other players. Coach Jeremy Eggers is the mind behind the team. In perfecting their defense, good communication is key.

Eggers, as well as the captains of this women’s basketball team, all have the same mindset in each game. “Play as hard as you can all the time, and play like you don’t want to lose,” said Rogers. This is what Rogers is trying to tell her teammates, without words. She does this through her actions, during the games and during practice. To sum it all up, Rogers says, “Without struggle, there is no progress.”