Women’s golf NWAACC tournament win: Coach Johanson’s take

Chris Toomey / The Watchdog
Chris Toomey / The Watchdog

Alex Clark: The tournament turned into a one day tounament due to some inclimate weather. Day one was no picnic either though. How did your players cope with the weather to still shoot those beautiful scores?

Kirk Johanson: The girls are very strong mentally, and used to playing in tough conditions. They have to be, living and playing in the Northwest! They are always prepared for any conditions.

AC: Had the tournament had continued onto the second day, how confident were you in your team’s chances to keep its 18-stroke lead, or even to extend it?

KJ: Very confident. One thing the girls have done all year is finish strong. Even when they have been behind after day one in other tournaments this year, they have never quit. Several of their wins have been coming from behind. I am very proud of how the girls compete and never give up.

AC: Who were some of the star golfers on the team that really carried the win?

KJ: All of the wins have been a team effort. Suchada Anusuriya, Kayce Ogishima, Corey Rois and Jamie Kirsila.

AC: What does it mean to actually “capture the NWAACC season title?”

KJ: Throughout the season there are four events that count toward the season championship. It shows the team dominance being the best team over the the four events that count towards the season championship.

AC: Is there anything you want to directly say to the student body of Bellevue College about your team?

KJ: Over the past two seasons the girls golf team has done what no other golf team has ever done at BC. Last year we won the first ever girls team championship in the history of the school, and we repeated this year making it two years in a row. You should be proud of what the team has accomplished.