Women’s soccer prepares for a strong fall season

The women’s soccer team at Bellevue College is in the middle of a successful season, full of victories and advances. The season for them began during the summer with a few practices a week but now that the school year has started and students are back in school, practices have become more frequent and longer.
“Our number one team goal is to make it to playoffs and our second one is to play as a team and play for each other instead of just us,” said Jasmine White, a senior player of the soccer team.
The way that the competitions work is the players compete against opposing teams in a loop. And then once they’ve completed that twice, they do it again and whichever teams and overall the most successful move onto the playoffs and then up the chain, traveling around the country to compete with other teams.
“We play every team and then we play them again. At this point, we’ve played almost every team twice. We only have one game left and then we start playing them twice over again,” said Jasmine “JP” Pleasants, the freshman captain who had been playing soccer since she was eight years old
In their most recent game against the Green River Gators, Bellevue College won 4-0, marking their third win in a row, a streak that they hope to keep in their upcoming game against Centralia.
All of the girls on the team are working very hard on not only being a team but becoming a unit. “It really teaches you how to work with people and you make lifelong friends out here,” pleasants said
Regan Henry and Jasmine White, who have both been playing soccer since they were five, where some senior players of the team. Both were very optimistic that they would be making it into playoffs. “We should definitely get into third place at least. It would be kind of a surprise if we didn’t,” said White.
“We just have to keep working and make sure we have the right mindset. Mindset has been an issue in the past like, we have the talent, we have the work, it’s just that our mindset isn’t always there but when it’s there we’re so on,” Henry said when asked about challenges that the team faces.
When asking about getting into the right mindset as a team Henry said, “We’re starting to talk more as a team off of the field and working on more team bonding stuff because that’s what we lack: the bonding on the field. So we’re starting to push each other more and talk to each other more. In our last home game we did a little talk about a personal for the game and team goals for the season and that was our best game in a while.”
Anyone interested in going to a soccer game to support the Bellevue College team can look at the Women’s Soccer calendar or Bellevue College’s events calendar on the front page. Their next game is against Green River College and will be at the Bellevue College soccer field.