Youth travel: Young, wild and free


Society is susceptible to following the traditional norm where stellar grades, top-notch universities and well-paying jobs are the way to go in order to achieve the American dream. While this view on how life works seems promising, it is incorrect to think this is the only path to follow. Education is definitely important, being the main reason why students attend Bellevue College in the first place. However, it also limits the perception of how life in general works; no risk yet success. Students all want success. This brings up the proposal on how to live life. Life, after all, is a risk. There is no real way on how to live life accordingly; however there are experiences that can help shape our lives and make us better people. One particular way to add to the richness of our lives is by traveling. It is often said that traveling can change a person’s entire view of life. With this in mind, it is important to also remember the negative aspects with traveling as well and be prepared for the danger.

Traveling can be one of the most enriching experiences that shape one’s life.  Traveling to other cultures that have different people, mannerisms, traditions and values can be an incredible learning experience. Studies have shown that when an individual is placed in a new environment, they soak in everything around them like a sponge and are more open to learning.  One of the other many benefits to traveling is the feeling of freedom that it brings. It sets up the independent and adventurous life people crave.  Traveling brings a spirit of absolute freedom which can open a variety of doors and provide countless adventures that will last for a lifetime.  Another advantage to traveling is the lifelong memories that will last throughout the individual’s entire life forever. Many people overall are content and welcoming because of the many memories and life experiences they share with others. One of the best ways to do this is by traveling with family or friends, so that the memories can be shared in the moment and can be told to future generations.

With the many advantages that traveling brings, it is also important to be prepared for some of the difficulties as well. Money is the primary problem for aspiring travelers. The common belief that you “can’t go far without money” is a sad truth that often hinders people from traveling. When embarking to a First World country for example, it is essential to spend money on food, transportation and shelter.  In order to get the most out of travelling and experience all the aspects of the culture as a whole, having a decent amount of cash to spend is usually necessary. Traveling is an experience that is vivid only to the eyes of the beholder. No matter how descriptive the storyteller makes it, the audience can’t relive the moment for the traveler who experienced it beforehand.   Even if one travels with friends, they cannot experience what their companions are experiencing.

Overall, traveling can be an amazing experience which can let one experience freedom, create life-long memories and enhance their own life experiences. When entering a foreign country, it can be both exciting and daunting at the same time.  There is no safety net however. It is true there is always an adventure waiting to unfold, however be warned that ignorance is not tolerated in other countries. It is essential to respect other cultures, the protocols of countries and the different ways in which their society operates from America’s. While weighing the pros and cons of traveling, it is important to hope for the best experience and live life to the fullest, while being prepared for the problems that could spontaneously unfold.