“Circumstantial Stuff”

By Morgan Hodder
Architect and designer Thom Faulders delievered a lecture titled “Circumstaintial Stuff” at BCC on Nov. 12. in front of interior design students and the interested public. He said he wanted the concepts of malleability and change to remain in design.
Faulders stressed matching nature with architecture, what we consider natural and artificial, and blurring the boundaries between the animate and inanimate.
He and covered topics ranging from the relationship between nature and its human influence He described several projects he worked on in the past and some he’s currently involved in to illustrate some of the ideas he expressed to the audience.
When he was asked to design an Internet company’s office space, Faulders’ implemented colored lenses in the windows between the rooms, so that when looking through the window the room looked orange, but if it was entered, the color of the room was completely different, the lighting being blue.
In another project, Faulders described implementing new technologies to create a remote sunlight.