ALDAC: drug and alcohol awareness fair

May 1, 2012 0

On Wednesday, April 25, Bellevue College kicked off the start of the Alcohol Awareness Fair in the Cafeteria by presenting faculty member Gerald Blackburn of the Chemical Dependency Counseling Center. […]

The Student of Color Conference

April 24, 2012 0

Exactly 30 Bellevue College representatives (faculty and students alike) were loaded into charter busses at 8:30 in the morning, with advisors Aaron Reader, Donna Miguel, Dr. Ata Karim, Faisal Jaswal […]

BSU’s chance to visit White House

April 17, 2012 0

On April 4, Black Student Union Director Laura Culbertson, BSU Advisor Wayne Snow, and new BSU members Carlondo Dudley and Katelyn Lamson, requested funding for their latest endeavor: “Bellevue College […]

Art Schools: the big decision

April 17, 2012 0

Art is a field many people are interested in delving into professionally. Graphic design, musical production, comic animation, playwrighting, and the list goes on and on. You may think that […]

Student of Color Conference preview

April 10, 2012 0

The City of Yakima will be hosting this year’s Washington State Community College’s 22nd Annual Student of Color Conference. It will be held from April 19-21. Students who have been […]

Invisible Children at BC

April 10, 2012 0

An operation, which launched 26 years ago by Ugandan running man Joseph Kony, is now in the process of being permanently halted by supporters and members of the Invisible Children. […]

BC TRiO hosts reception and speakers

February 28, 2012 0

As a chapter of Student Support Services many students on campus are members of Bellevue College’s TRiO program, a program created as a direct result of the Federal Economic Opportunity […]