EWU remains a strong contender

May 12, 2015 0

At the end of winter quarter, EWU’s campus at BC reached a full decade of being operational in the Eastside. Since the introduction of the satellite campus, EWU has provided […]

New regulation limits housing

April 13, 2015 0

On Monday, April 6, the Bellevue City Council adopted permanent regulations in order to restrict the number of individuals that can live in one single-family home. In 2013, complaints were […]

Vaccinations are here to protect us

March 16, 2015 0

In 2015, we shouldn’t be having a debate about whether or not to get vaccinated. Vaccinations were created to keep us healthy and to keep us from contracting viruses and […]

Valentine’s Day meals

February 10, 2015 0

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and on a Saturday, it’s best to have reservations made and plans figured out as soon as possible. Luckily, the Seattle and Bellevue […]

“Centered” nonprofit

February 3, 2015 0

In 2014, University of Washington graduate Eddie Wang started up a nonprofit organization called Sleepless in Seattle, which raised funds to support homeless people. Sleepless in Seattle gained more than […]

LEDs in downtown Bellevue

January 27, 2015 0

In the past few years, the act of being “green” and saving energy has become increasingly popular. To keep up with times, and to save money and energy, the city […]

Seattle food waste ban

January 27, 2015 0

Unbeknownst to most Seattle residents, Jan. 1 marked the commencement of a brand new law that’ll soon affect everyone in the city. A ban has been introduced that prohibits the […]

Crazy Seattle Seahawks fans

January 27, 2015 0

When it comes to the Seahawks, the players and the entire state of Washington has every right to be proud for the team. For two straight years they’ve been NFC […]

MLK events and workshops on campus

January 22, 2015 0

Outside of having the campus closed on Jan. 19, in order to further celebrate one of the most prominent civil rights movement activists in American history, Bellevue College will have […]

Ray White on new signage

December 2, 2014 0

In recent weeks, the issue of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus flared up yet again. In the Nov. 12 issue of The Watchdog, miscommunication resulted in a plethora of inaccurate information. […]

Working on Black Friday

November 25, 2014 0

Up until a few years ago, Black Friday was strictly kept to a Friday. Shoppers would get up at ridiculous hours to scrounge for deals with their bellies still full […]

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