BCC’s own talent outrocks the outsiders

BCC band Martyrs of the Apollo Guild: Candace Harter, keyboardist; Nick Merz, guitar and vocals, Daniel Kennelly, drums; Seth Engle, bass (not pictured).
Written by: Emma Sargeant
Friday, May 9, Martyrs of the Apollo Guild invited guests to share their jams at the Kirkland Teen Center. Nick Merz, guitarist, warmly welcomed all to the mustached themed gathering, an evening to enjoy local talent, and outsiders too. The event opened with the reformed band, The Curiousities. The oldest of the bands, they echoed sinister soundsthroughout the venue. Their songs carried some Spanish guitar and organs, emphasizing an eerie tune, accompanied by vocalist Joel, whose tunes were reaching minor notes, enhancing the sinister feel. The guitarist kept hidden to the back corner, the keyboardist dawned the best mustache and most confidently shined of all in the band. Bassist Danny also proved to be a strong player, feeling free to move to his band’s music when many of the members seemed unsure of their presence at the Kirkland Teen Center, KTUB. 10 Killing Hands, hailing from Bellingham dramatically changed the atmosphere with their more dance-friendly beats. An ecstatic keyboardist sporting orange safety glasses, an attractive guitarist bearing his toned, tattoed arms, and drummer, the band was refreshing and young. The sound was rock with influences of 80’s pop. The band even opened with a warm up by attracting the audience to dance to the 80’s classic, Jump! The crowd increased in size and movement swayed as guests enjoyed participating in the 10 Killing Hands’ performance. The organizers of the show, Martyrs of the Apollo Guild, quickly rearranged equipment to prepare for their anticipated set. Known by many BCC students, Martyrs of the Apollo Guild had a strong and supportive audience to listen and tap their feet to the band’s old classic tunes such as Australopithecus. Having reformed a number of times, guitarist Nick happens to be the only original member from the roots of the band, MOTAG had intended to hook the audience with their previous hits. Though preparing new material with the involvement of a new drummer, Daniel, keyboardist Candace, and multi-talented keyboardist and bassist, Seth, the band is excited and passionate about their music. They welcome all so warmly to share their freedom and joy of music and they appreciate input from their listeners in order to develop. The evening enjoyed a good turn-out of guests and support, all wearing mustaches. There were a few sound difficulties, however, the sound technicians were young students training in audio engineering. Overall, the show successfully exposed Washington’s home-grown, young talent.