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School life and magic walks

June 3, 2008 0

Written by: Sumedha Majumdar My dad has said time and time again that school life is the most wonderful and memorable experience that one can have. However, when I was […]

Rules of the road

May 27, 2008 0

Written by: Sumedha Majumdar Every one of us at one point in our lives have had our parents telling us to look at the left, then at the right and […]

The hairy conundrum

May 27, 2008 0

Written by: Adam Magnoni As a young boy the whole ideology threw my young mind into a suplex. It was a natural accessory that (depending on the year and current […]

A scantron and bluebook proposal

May 13, 2008 0

Written By: Jeffrey Stewart It happens nearly every quarter, either you or the person you’re sitting next to forgets their scantron or bluebook for the exam that’s happening in 5 […]

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