Reviews that aren’t specifically Bellevue College related

A portrait of Callum Dickson

February 16, 2009 0

By James Storbeck. Dickson said if he were emo, he’d call himself “Cut Me Callum.” If he were a Viking, he’d call himself Ragnar of Galagnarmarathium. If he were a […]

February 16, 2009 0

BCC drama teacher Dennis Schebetta will take his students and their play to a festival in Moscow, Idaho, where it will be judged for the David Mark Cohen National Playwriting […]

Student Art Showcase: Sean Smolen: Fish

February 16, 2009 0

Morgan Hodder. Sean Smolen hosts his piece “Fish” in this week’s student art showcase. “This picture is something I sketched while I was thinking about my novel, [which] I’ve been […]

“New in Town” review

February 13, 2009 0

By Katie Drahos. The film, “New in Town,” is rated PG, runs 96 minutes long and comes to theaters January 30th. In it, Ren

Alumni Gallery Review

February 2, 2009 0

By Race Dillon. The BCC art gallery is currently displaying the artwork of six BCC alumni. The six artists featured are Gretchen Van Dyke, Joshua Dodhia, Ken Ray, Alexander Hayden, […]

In a nutshell, the adroit Nate Jensen

January 27, 2009 0

By Morgan Hodder. Nate Jensen has performed as the lead in numerous plays hosted by BCC’s drama department, including the upcoming musical “Music Man,” as well as the newly acclaimed […]

Eric Swier “Arbitrarium”

January 27, 2009 0

By Morgan Hodder. This week’s showcase art is titled “Arbitrarium,” by Eric Swier. He said it’s like your own place in the universe to go to. He drew this because […]

BC’S First

January 20, 2009 0

By Morgan Hodder.On a cold Monday morning in the cafeteria, Stephano Balcer, comedian, stepped on stage, and began his act. “Only seven of you are with me?” Balcer said, after […]

Student Art Showcase: “Purge”

January 20, 2009 0

By Morgan Hodder.Randy Huynh said he made this piece on January 14 because he wanted a new desktop picture. Huynh has been doing graphic design ever since he was in […]

Funny, but not that funny

January 12, 2009 0

By Alex Brown.The television show, “10 Items or Less,” is newly available on DVD. On paper, the show looks like it was stitched together from the corpses of good shows […]

BC alumni gallery preview

January 12, 2009 0

By Morgan Hodder. BC hosts a new gallery for Alumni students beginning on January 12 in the D building, Room 271. The gallery will be open from noon to 6 […]

Student Art Showcase

January 5, 2009 0

By Morgan HodderIn this new section we will host the artworks of any BCC students who want their art published. We want you to show off your skills and talents […]

Mark Wilson: BCC Music Man

December 2, 2008 0

An interview with the man who brings music to BCC By Morgan Hodder.Mark Wilson is a memeber of Bellevue Community College’s music faculty. This quarter he taught 16 credits while […]

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