Whooping, hollering and catcalling just doesn’t work

Written by: Kylah Ellison
True story: My best friend works at a porn store, so I end up hanging out there a lot of the time. A couple days ago, as I was pulling out of the parking lot, a car full of guys drove by and everyone but the driver proceeded to literally hang halfway out of the car windows, whooping and hollering, either at me leaving the store or at the store itself, I’m not sure. But either way, it doesn’t matter. Guys? Get a grip on yourselves! First off, if they were yelling at the porn store, that’s about the most immature thing I’ve ever seen. These people are the reason you have to be 18 and older to go inside, and after seeing the way some young guys act, perhaps the age limit should be 21! And it wasn’t like they were young either. Oh, no. These were fully grown men, at least above the age of 25. Not that age should have anything to do with it, of course. Even if you are an 18-year-old young man, you should realize by then that these things only detract from the maturity level that we females believe you have. And, believe me, maturity plays a big part in how interested we are. And secondly, guys need to learn that honking, hollering, whistling, or otherwise loudly trying to get the attention of a female is just not the way to go. Haven’t you noticed that most of the time the only reaction you get is to be completely ignored by the target? Trust me, the moment you guys are out of earshot (or sometimes before, if you’re really annoying) all we girls do is laugh at your stupidity and (if you were good-looking) wish that you had a nicer personality. If a girl glances your way and seems interested, the way to her heart is most definitely not through the same loud hollering you give every other girl on the street. Do you think we don’t know that you do this to every single girl that meets your standards? Probably multiple times per day? Well, guys, here’s a news flash for you: The next time you see a cute girl on the street, you’d be better off approaching her with a corny pickup line than a whoop, holler, or a catcall.