Women’s Basketball Preview

By Morgan Hodder
The women’s basketball season kicked off Saturday, Nov. 22, with a tournament in Yakima. Their first home game will be on Dec. 2. Shadonda Palmer, shooting guard for the Bulldogs, said she is very excited about this season. It is her first year playing with the team, and it’s very intense, she said. Practices have been hard, but are going well. The Bulldogs’ toughest opponent is most likely going to be Big Bend from Moses Lake, and Olympic, said Palmer. “We’re going to NWAACC.” She’s hoping for a great season, but acknowledges they still have some things to work on. “Communication between players on the floor, and between the coach. It’s tough,” said Palmer. This is point guard Brittany Nabors first year playing for the Bulldogs as well. “I feel we have potential to go all the way this year,” said Nabors. Nabors isn’t worried about the competition, any difficult opponents offer her simply another game. “It’s fun playing tough players; you can only get better,” said Nabors. The Bulldogs have all been getting better at practice, she said. “It’s going really well.” The BCC women’s basketball team took the NWAACC championship in 2007, their first NWAACC championship win in over 20 years. They won 18 of their 31 games in the 2007-2008 season.