An athlete’s diet: Alison Mackey

Alison MackeyLife as a student can get pretty hectic when there’s a lot of pressure and stress that comes with taking the step into furthering one’s education. On top of that, some students have decided to join athletics. One Bellevue College  student, Alison Mackey, a college sophomore who joined BC’s Women’s Soccer team and has been a player since fall quarter of 2011.

Diet is an important aspect of anyone’s life. Students need the proper nourishment to take care of their mind and body aiding them in the many stresses of information input, studying for exams, planning out their careers and aspirations for the future. As an athlete, one must put even more emphasis on their diet for the purpose of using their body to its fullest potential when competing against others. On a daily basis, Alison’s diet  usually consists of “a Balance bar in the morning, a pretty big lunch consisting of protein and carbohydrates, and then a medium-sized dinner” with a snack that wasn’t too big.

Alison had to take part in practice workouts with the team every morning during the week. In addition to practice on the BC soccer field with her teammates, she also tried to fit in workouts in the evening and on Saturdays, usually to the gym and taking an aerobics class, running on the treadmills or lift weights to strengthen her body further.

As a student first and foremost, Alison emphasized that she tried “to fit in studying every day. I do love soccer, but my main focus is getting my degree in Fire Science. Even though soccer is a passion of mine, I really want to be a firefighter and  can always play soccer for fun on the side.”

Anybody likes a little fun on the side, during her free time she enjoys what any student enjoys: hanging out with friends and “go to the movie or something. I also like going and doing stud outdoors, like fishing or camping or hiking. Something along those lines.” In the end, Alison joined soccer because of  her passion she had for the support. With a little determination and ambition, any student can join a sport and study well and have fun with it. It all starts with the right mindset.