Belletrist: Publication through BC

Featured on Belletrist''s front page are photography works by Nick Wilson
Featured on Belletrist''s front page are photography works by Nick Wilson

“How do I get published?”—This is definitely one of the most asked questions by aspiring writers and artists.

Despite the increasing prevalence of blogs and desktop publishing, seeing their own names in the byline remains the dream of many students. Breaking into the world of publications is challenging, especially for the big names (think The Seattle Times and The Washington Post), and sending submissions to more local organizations can be a great first step to put your work out there. Fortunately for BC students, Belletrist is an awesome stepping-stone and a fantastic location for publishing.

Belletrist is BC’s new online literary and arts magazine, with its first edition coming out last year. The English Department devised the concept of Belletrist and it is an actual, five-credit class offered in winter that students take as an elective for English 299.

For many years prior, Bellevue College published a highly regarded print magazine, Arnazella.  However, the print version required a year-long student staff, which has become more and more difficult to sustain as students’ lives became more fast-paced.  In the early 2000’s, bookstores also ceased to carry books on consignment, so the team can no longer distribute Arnazella in the local bookstores.  Due to these problems, Arnazella went on hiatus in 2009. Thankfully, the literary magazine is back now and reborn as Belletrist.

As an online magazine, Belletrist manages to include a vast variety of works, from simple literary work to audio and visual files. It allows the Belletrist staff to highlight some of the musical achievements of staff and students, as well as the literary and visual arts.

“We try to include a diverse array of styles and mediums in our visual artwork, from pencil drawings to acrylic paintings. The writings include poetry, observational essays, as well as prose,” said one of the Belletrist staffers.

Anyone who is a student, staff or faculty of Bellevue College may submit work to Belletrist. Submission from alumni of BC is accepted as well.  Right now, a little less than half of the submissions come from staff, so readers will definitely be seeing some work from their instructors and other important people on campus.

Targeted towards the students at BC, not only does Belletrist hope to present an opportunity for them to submit work and possibly get published, it also intends to raise the awareness of talents and outlets for expression here on campus.

“Our aim is to celebrate and share the creativity present on Bellevue College campus.  We encourage diversity of styles and opinions, and are excited about the many different formats an online magazine can offer!”

Belletrist forms a new staff every fall quarter to participate in the Belletrist class that runs winter quarter.  If this opportunity interests you for next year, contact Laura Burns at 425-564-2373 or  The deadline for submissions is usually at the beginning of February. If you didn’t submit this year, be sure to next year!  You can find submission guidelines on the home page for the magazine, at