Bellevue College sports hosts youth basketball camp over summer

While summer may be considered an off season for the Bellevue College basketball teams, they are still at campus and hard at work. Starting July 8 and spanning over the summer, members from the BC men’s and women’s basketball teams will be taking part in the BC Summer Youth Basketball Camps.

The dates for the camp are July 8-11, August 19-22 and August 26-29 and go from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The camp is for all children between the third and eighth grade. For those who do take part in the camp, it costs $160 per child. For the camp days, kids will receive a complimentary BC Youth Camp T-shirt.

The skills that the kids will be learning cover all the basics that come along with playing basketball. During the camp, they will be taught how to shoot, handle a basketball, rebound, pass, screen, take part in situation stations, perimeter play, post play, transition of the basketball, along with team defense and individual defense while playing.

Jeremy Eggers, head basketball coach for both basketball teams at BC said, “The purpose of our youth camps is to give proper instruction to young basketball players in the area, give them exposure to our campus, and to raise funds for our basketball programs at BC.”

Not only will the kids be able to see what it’s like on a college campus and be exposed to kids their age at the camp, but Eggers points out that “the campers will get the proper fundamentals of the game so they develop good habits at an early age.”

Eggers stated that after the camp is done, the kids will continue to build up their skills that they learn from the youth camp.

“I think the camp teaches the campers a lot because they are being taught the proper fundamentals that can help them become better players and they are able to take ideas and drills away from the camp to work on their own time at home.”

For those who have siblings or children that may be interested in taking part in the BC youth summer basketball camp, the pamphlet for signing up is online at the Bellevue College athletics website.