Big hits for the fall jazz invitational

At 7 p.m. at Bellevue College’s Carlson Theater, the Celebration Vocal Jazz Ensemble performed their final fall concert directed by Thomas Almli. The show also included jazz invitational guests, Blue Street Voices, directed by Ken Wilson and Skyline High School, directed by Nancy Ziebart.  One member of Celebration ,Nicole Maramba, 19, has been an alto for about a year now. When asked what her favorite song was for the show,Maramba stated, “ I would have to go with Sent For You Yesterday,” written by William “Count” Basie and Eddie Durham. “I like all the upbeat tones and group seats and shout chorus,” said Maramba.  Maramba’s goals of being involved with Celebration Jazz is to,” I’m hoping to be a music educational teacher, for high school and up, that’s my goal.” Maramba will not be continuing Jazz next year because she is graduating BC with high hopes of attending Central Washington University for their music opportunities.

Valeri Lopez, an aspiring songwriter, and a member of Celebration stated, “My favorite song we did was “Come Rain or Come Shine” [by Johnny Mercer and Lyrics by Harold Arlen] because it is a really sassy song and it is about loving someone through thick and thin and it is up-beat and up-tempo.”

The Celebration Vocal Jazz Ensemble has many talented singers within its assembly. A reliable and experienced associate, Kati Couch, who is a second-soprano, said, “ My favorite song was “Come Rain or Come Shine” because it is a real fast swinger.”  When asked what the main goals or ambitions to gain out of being apart of Jazz, Couch said, “Improving my musicianship-

I recently sang a solo that I did back in high school and it was like night and day in comparison to how much I have grown.” Couch also said, “as far as the Jazz-scene, I met lots of influential people, being able to go on trips and having professional and business connections. Getting in to Jazz circle in the Northwest is huge. I would have never met Kelly Kunz, who is our music theory teacher and Group For Thought, which is all awesome.”

Though it is only the beginning of the school year, the Celebration Vocal Jazz gang has been working hard for months piecing all of their songs, solos, and voices together to collaborate into unity.

“I am going to be a private, part-time, vocal instructor. My vocal teacher, Lois Forde, from elementary school inspired me. And from then on see wherever the road actually takes me, “ Said Kati Couch.