CAB Winterland provides support

With classes wrapping up and final exams coming up, students at Bellevue College are hard at work. The Campus Activities Board. However, has been making every effort to ease student stress levels during the grueling home stretch. On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the CAB sponsored the Winterland event to help students de-stress during the end-of-quarter madness.

“We are here to provide comfort and entertainment for our BC students,” said Julia Yemelianov, a CAB events coordinator and graphic designer. “The reason we are here is to serve students and make them focus on something outside of school work.”

The CAB puts on “De-Stress” events like Winterland every quarter. From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the Student Union building was decorated with winter decorations and volunteers from the BC DJ Club provided music.

Students lined up around the Student Union lobby to get free Scantrons, doughnuts, hot chocolate and even massages.

To create this event, the CAB planned for about a month. The first step was to decide on a theme, and after that, the CAB ordered supplies and rounded up massagers and other volunteers.

“We spent several hours [decorating] the lobby and the massage room and [it] turned out fabulous!” said Zeta Chik, the lead CAB coordinator.

The hard work of Chik, Yemelianov and the rest of the CAB paid off. “Overall,

the event outcome was marvelous. We had an amazing turnout,” said Yemelianov.

“Students love the massagers,” said Chik. “They appreciated [that] we give them free food to keep them warm and wish them luck for finals.”

Yemelianov added that “Our only concern were the huge lines waiting up on the massages and doughnuts.”

Students in line didn’t seem to mind the wait: “Free drinks and free food makes my day a whole lot better,” said William Lam, a student at BC who attended the Winterland event. “An energy boost is all I need.”

Next quarter, the CAB will sponsor events for the first day of school, Valentine’s Day, “Coffee, Tea and Politics” and, of course, another De-Stress the week before finals. For more updates on CAB events, “like” the CAB Facebook page at