Generation of science and technology: The Apple iCar

Did you ever think that something like the Apple iCar would ever become real? Or that maybe one day that tiny bit of cosmetic work that you wish to have done would be performed by an iOS operating system? Well, the future is now, folks. These things may seem far-fetched, but they are (rumored to be) as true as ever.

The last time Apple came out with a new product was in 2010 – if you’re good at math, you know that that was four years ago. Sure, they’ve had the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5, but those were all variations of something they already had. It is predicted that Apple has something big up their sleeves for this year.

Adrian Perica, Apple’s head of merger and acquisitions, met with Tesla Motors Inc. founder Elon Musk. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this is all cited and real.

If you aren’t familiar with Tesla vehicles, they are all electric vehicles with two different models. The Model S and the Model X. The bare minimum  range on a full-charge for even the most basic Tesla is 208 miles. If you ask me, 208 miles is plenty to get around from point A to point B and even point C and point D. It’s a brilliant car, with a brilliant price tag, ringing up at $70,000… For the basic model. The most expensive model is $90,000 with a 60 mile boost over the least expensive model. While it’s definitely a bit spendy for most Americans, the upside to having a Tesla is that it is all electric and it has the highest safety rating of an car in America.

If Apple goes about this the smart way, they will do what Tesla isn’t doing and make it affordable for the average American. Who do you know that has the money to spend roughly $600 on a monthly car payment? Not only would we all have safer vehicles, but we would all be driving electric cars. One can dream.

Apple is apparently looking into medical devices and sensors that would help predict heart attacks by studying the sound blood makes as it flows through the arteries. If you ask me, they’re going to have to upgrade their microphones a bit in order to make this anything outside of grade D audio quality.

If the rumors are true and the iCar will be hitting the road within the next year, my prediction is that it could be a real big hit, assuming they can figure out how to make it affordable. I would feel a bit wary about sitting behind the wheel of something that needs constant updates and may freeze from time to time, but you know, that’s Apple for you. As for my medical future, I can only hope that my heart stays healthy so I don’t have to depend on their sensors.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for any new news on the iCar. So, until next time, keep your hopes up, as am I, that this is real.