How to survive a real world hoax

What 2012 could look like (SOURCE:http:/
What 2012 could look like (SOURCE:http:/

Apocalypse checklist:

A case of water bottles.

A box of MREs (military Ready-To-Eat meals).

An iPod with “It’s the End of the World” on replay.

We are a society that preaches about taking full advantage of life, yet we have an obsession with death and destruction.

We have become obsessed with disease. You can ask anyone. A person can sneeze just once, and right after they will be on Web MD looking up their symptoms. Even so, sickness isn’t where this obsession ends. We are waiting for a catastrophe to happen.

All the stars have aligned, and the signs are clear that the world is at its end.

Rihanna is dating Travis Barker.

Nicolas Cage is still making movies.

Donald Trump ran and dropped out of the presidential race.

Oprah had her last show.

Well, it is time for the destruction to happen or for the hoaxes to stop.

In school, we learn not to accept everything for truth, and instead to do our own investigation.

A majority of these “end of the world” beliefs never have factual support.Even the 2012 doomsday seems unreliable.

We have completely neglected the fact that there are still Mayans that are living today. It would behoove us to ask them about the end of the world that their ancestors predicted.

Zombie attacks/ worldwide virus outbreak:

If there was a worldwide zombie virus outbreak, people would be Googling their symptoms so fast that everyone would be diagnosed before it even became a problem.

Past hoaxes:


At first sight, it looks like a bad version of the old R&B group “B2K”, yet this was once the 2012 of yesterday. The Millennium came at 12, and robots and computers didn’t attack us. Sounds like a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

California becoming an Island:

Someone must have had a personal vendetta against the state to suggest that it would merely break off of the rest of the states.

Potential new hoaxes:

Plants taking the world back:

With all the damage that we have done to the planet, nature may rebel one day. Hopefully it will be better than M. Night Shamalan’s movie, “The Happening”.

Don’t worry about it you’ll be fine.

If the world ends tomorrow, you won’t have to take finals.