Kickin’ it club sport style

Kuroshe Mahak/The Watchdog
Kuroshe Mahak/The Watchdog

This spring, Bellevue College is welcoming a new club to its campus. Patience Mizero, a BC student, has started the BC Soccer Club.

With a soccer class provided at BC as well as men’s and women’s soccer teams, why would we need a soccer club? For Mizero, that answer is simple.

“A club is different from a soccer class or a college soccer team. You don’t need to pay fees to play the sport you enjoy the most,” said Mizero.

Different from the BC soccer teams that are divided by gender, the BC Soccer Club will be a co-ed operation. Since the club is just getting up and running, Mizero stated that the current goal is just for the club to gain attention and members, so that in the future they’ll be able to organize actual games with other schools. In the meantime, they practice within the club.

The purpose of making the BC Soccer Club co-ed was to establish a no discrimination ground rule.

“Bellevue College is a safe environment for everybody,” said Mizero. “No age, gender, ethnic or religious discrimination. To make that real for us, we’re going to apply it to soccer.”

Not only will the BC Soccer Club be about coming together to play a sport loved by many, but also to bring together the individuals who are in the club as well. “We want to create a place where a student can feel comfortable communicating with his or her peers. We want our members to know each other. In a class you have classmates and you’ll talk, but outside of the classroom you’ll look at them and it’s as if you’ve never met. We want to break and end that barrier,” said Mizero.

Currently, the BC Soccer Club is running solely off of Facebook event invites and word of mouth. On average, they’ve had about 15 people show up to every practice.

For those who are interested in playing soccer with new people or becoming a regular member of the BC Soccer Club, swing by one of the practices which are held on Wednesdays from 2:20-4:00 p.m. in the G building.