LGBTQ hosts National Coming Out Day at BC

Oct. 11 is National Coming Out Day, which is an event to celebrate people who are brave enough to tell their loved ones who they really are. It gives people the opportunity to showcase and rejoice with others on their diversity.

Not only does this day offer a safe and protective outlet for confessions, but a very strong and positive one as well.

The Bellevue College’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Transgender, Queer and Questioning community is very excited for this holiday and all that entails.

Ali Collucci, the Director of LGBTQ at BC, believes that Coming Out day is just as important, if not more than Pride day. “It’s a day where you can say proud gender queer! Or, I’m lesbian and proud!”

Collucci explained that the holiday was not just about pride in yourself, but being brave enough to “come out of the closet’” in a public setting.

When asked how people respond and react to this holiday Collucci answered with, “A lot of people go all out for this thing. Not just members of the LGBTQ but students and faculty as well. People will dress up in rainbow colored shirts while others will wear pins that support the community and the holiday. Some will even hand pencils with sentences and pictures in regards to National Coming Out Day or have stickers on their clothes, backpacks or cars,” said Collucci.

Haven King, a member of LGBTQ, pointed out that while the BC campus is a supportive and positive environment; Coming Out Day is a quiet and subtle event.  There aren’t banners hanging everywhere or announcements every hour. “We have a table in the cafeteria for anyone coming out or supporting those who are coming out and a few brochures.”

The brochures are focused on coming out or a friend coming out and how to deal with it.  They will be located in the cafeteria on Oct. 11.

The LGBTQ  is a safe place where anyone and everyone, regardless of gender or sexual identity, can come and talk about anything on their mind. As Collucci said, “It’s a place where you’re un-judged, safe and protected.”

Apart from being safe and nonjugemental, the LGBTQ offers a wealth of resources and knowledge pertaining to a number of subjects from a large number of legit sources.

“We have books, brochures, magazines, DVDs and external support groups to name a few. We want a lot more. Our collections now are miniscule to the ones we soon hope to get,” Collucci said in regards to the medium sized bookcase in the corner packed full of books.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to help out with National Coming Out Day, Ali Collucci can be found in L-100, in the LGBTQ section. A lot of people on campus will be showing their support on Oct. 11. Come join the festivities and be a part of the event.