Campus involvement: Clubs that will start

Posters of various clubs have been displayed on every campus bulletin board to attract the attention of meandering students. Student Programs at Bellevue College is the home of clubs that provide academic progress and the enhancement of hobbies and passions. One can get caught up in the chaos of schoolwork, lectures and daily responsibilities. As a Bulldog, fall quarter is the opportune part of the academic year to mold personal fulfillment with an appetite for learning.

As BC branched out from being considered as the standard community college prototype, resources that came with this shift allowed room for the expansion of clubs in many different departments.

The current thriving math and science departments have served as the nucleus of the Earth and Space Sciences Club.  The mission of this program is to engage student involvement through telescope viewing, field trips, lectures, book discussions, documentary films, research projects and community service.

The ESS Club was active during the summer quarter of 2012. From Sept. 7-9, the ESS visited the Goldendale Observatory in Central Washington, where students experienced night-time viewing sessions. Students who plan careers in the fields of astronomy, environmental science, geology, meteorology and oceanography are encouraged to keep updated on the club’s official BC page.

The All Daughters of Africa Club had an early start this quarter. The club has been organized to encourage incoming African students feel welcome and make connections with other students and the community. Meetings will be taking place on Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and practice debate on Thursdays from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., both in room C-205.

In light of the upcoming 2012 election, students must keep up on politics, government and personal rights. With the presidential debates kicking off last week, it is an appropriate time to study speech and debate. Attaining and presenting information in a persuasive manner are some of the biggest tasks of a presidential candidate. Join the Speech and Debate Club in the coming months to take a stand on current issues. Meeting times and location are to be determined.

BC facilitates the needs of students involved in the arts. Unlike most high schools, there is a huge variety of art clubs on campus. The Photography Club held several exhibitions throughout the academic year of 2011-2012, and had the opportunity of working on the spring quarter project in cooperation with the Fashion Club.  “We are excited to be having another exhibition at the end of fall quarter, which we are still in the process of planning,” said Momoko Iwagami, a member of the Photography Club.

The BC Genki Society is dedicated to bringing students together to watch various animes and discuss their cultural relevance. Mike Delarber, the President of the Genki Society, mentioned that, “We are trying to plan an upcoming cosplay and costume event soon. Students will dress up as characters from different animes.” The Genki Society is also in the process of organizing a bake sale to increase the available club funds.

The student body has much to gain from networking with peers who share similar interests. To enrich your education, get involved with the clubs Student Programs has to offer. For more information regarding BC clubs and activities, visit the clubs webpage on the Bellevue College website.