Rewarding experience with The Watchdog

Photo by Jwanah Qudsi

English classes typically taught me to focus my writing on the body paragraphs and leave the afterthoughts to the introduction and conclusion, yet no matter how hard I’ve attempted to practice this concept, I can never successfully write an article without thinking of some witty introduction to possibly draw the reader to explore my article among all the others.

This will be the last introduction I will write for the BC school newspaper because I can now proudly say I am an alumnus to this wonderful institution.

Growing up, it never crossed my mind that I would want to become a journalist; it still doesn’t. However, despite my lack of desire, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed writing for the paper. My adventures as a contributor began last summer at an outstanding program known as Camp Casey.

Not only was this retreat intended to develop leadership skills to advance and maintain an enhanced community, but also, I also met people who discussed things I had not even imagined would perk my interest; one of them being The Watchdog, formerly known as The Jibsheet.

After being hired as a staff writer following my outstanding summer experience, I discovered that I was passionate about sharing my opinion, reporting and writing student-interest stories. My first article was published in the summer of 2011, and I wrote about “How to save money: College-style.”

Though I had never taken any formal writing classes, I produced articles that seemed to fulfill their duty. I loved the flexibility of being a staff writer and being able to write for any section. Because of the high volume of staff writers at the time, I never had to worry about being assigned to write about a topic that did not interest me.

But the school newspaper is not all about peace of mind and complete liberation.

After switching to the position of assistant features editor, I found myself in conflict with some of the people I worked with. I struggled meeting deadlines and putting together appealing graphics.  Writing for the newspaper can be tough for those who love procrastinating and get the too often “writer’s block.”

Even though deadlines were difficult for me, I developed skills that will help me throughout my life. I even am able to write essays for other classes not only with better content but also at a quicker rate. I can communicate better with others and understand the process of getting something completed.

While I never became a section editor, all staff members have responsibilities with great importance to having a finished product.

Whether you enjoy creating graphics, taking pictures or just love to write, check out what The Watchdog can do for you. Contact the editor-in-chief at in order to learn more about job opportunities with the school paper.

While writing and having amazing resume content may be one incentive for participating, there is something else that may persuade you to be on staff: Money. The Watchdog is a paid job and has been my source of discretionary spending for the past year.

Definitely find out what The Watchdog can do for you, and if it really is something you do not want to pursue, find out other ways to become involved on campus.

Becoming involved with Student Programs has been proved to increase grades and decrease the likeliness of dropping out. You will meet people and create friendships that you otherwise would not have had because of BC’s commuter-like nature.

The Watchdog is currently hiring, so apply as soon as possible and become part of this wonderful BC program and experience.