Fall 2012: Art classes for the new year

Source: visual-arts-cnwl.wikispaces.com

With summer classes finally finished, a month of sunshine and relaxation awaits eager students. Yet August is not just for relaxation, but for planning ahead to fall quarter.

It takes preparation and vision to finish a degree in the normal two or four-year schedule. Especially for those interested in pursuing a degree in any kind of art, whether music, drawing or something else, it takes a lot of planning in order to complete the necessary classes on time.

It is also important to sign up quickly before the classes fill up. Here is a look ahead at some of the classes that are available in the fall:

Art 108 Introduction to Hand and Power Tools: Besides simply being an exciting course, this class is useful for those interested in interior design and architecture.

Art 108 looks at construction, measuring and safety when handling these tools. Unfortunately, it is only two credits.

Art 110 Two-Dimensional Design: This class is a required course for interior design students.

While it does require additional time outside of class for projects, the hours spent working result in a wide range of art to add to a portfolio. 2D Design explores the basic elements of design through lines, shapes, textures and colors. It also looks at the abstract.

Art 111 Design Color: This class looks at what color is in terms of light waves, color theory, how to harmonize colors and color terms. It also teaches vocabulary, like tints and shades, or high and low key. This also builds up the portfolio, because it involves a lot of painting.

Art 110 is a prerequisite for this class and seats are filling fast.

Art 112 Three-Dimensional Design: Yes, it does sound similar to 2D Design, but this class uses wood and metals to create objects, not just designs on paper.

It investigates the use of mass, space, light and time in order to create in 3D. To take this class, a student must have Art 108 as a prerequisite. Better hurry, because seats are already filling up.

Art 120 & 121, Drawing I & II: Drawing I teaches basic drawing techniques using charcoal and pencils. It is also required for interior design majors. Drawing is very popular and filling up quickly. Already three out of the five available classes are full. This class is also a prerequisite to Art 121.

Drawing II is a continuation of Drawing I. It is different in that it includes live models to practice drawing human figures. Students practice with a variety of materials, not just charcoal and pencils. Only a few seats are left.

Art 150 Basic Photo I: For all the photographers out there, this class is ideal. It teaches the old-fashioned concept of black-and-white film, including developing and printing. This course requires students to come with their own cameras, film and photographic paper.

Art 154 Introduction to Digital Photography: Like Art 150, this class is for anyone who owns a digital camera and wants to become better at capturing beautiful moments. It is recommended that students know a little about computers in order to perfect their shots.

Don’t forget about Art 201, 202 and 203 (History of Western Art), Studio Drawing I & II, Watercolor and Basic Ceramics. All these and more are available in the fall, so be sure to check out BC’s online course catalog in order to find the perfect class arrangement.