Serial Story Board: New Kid

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith were the only way to go for this anticipated reboot. (SOURCE:
Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith were the only way to go for this anticipated reboot. (SOURCE:

When asked, most people can recall one huge, horrendously embarrassing moment that happened to them in school.

From sputtering their words in front of the person they liked all the way to being “pantsed” and dumped into a trash can, a lot of stress and problems evolve in school that have nothing to do with the education. And the worst by far, to follow along with the delights of Transfer Week, is being the new kid in school.

If you have ever been one yourself, you know just what I’m talking about. When your mind has hit overload worrying or blown a gasket over all that transfer paperwork, you can always learn a lot from the movies.

Take the new “Karate Kid” that came out, starring Jaden Smith. New school, new people, new neighborhood. In China. This is one of the best examples of what the stereotypical new kid feels at school with, of course, Hollywood tossed in.

When you don’t even speak the right language and a swarm of ninja, three foot tall bullies keep coming after you at your new school, this movie tells you exactly what you need to do: go take karate lessons from the man living in the janitor’s closet.

If you feel that martial arts doesn’t really fit your new school, hit up “Mean Girls” with Lindsay Lohan. Between popularity, insane parties, and hallucinating that the people causing stress around you are attacking you like wild African animals, this film will show you that to succeed, all you need to do is simply be yourself.

Then there’s “I Am Number Four” with Alex Pettyfer as the new kid in a small town high school, but is one embarrassingly easy crash course, and extremely cliché. Besides the whole, you know bit about Pettyfer’s character really being an alien.

So when you’re finally ready to transfer, take it from the movies. Be yourself and you’ll have friends and more. Or take karate.