Job and Networking Fair elicits excitement from students

Amy Leong/The Jibsheet
Amy Leong/The Jibsheet

On May 4th the 2011 BC Job and Networking Fair representatives dressed in their Sunday best spread the good word of opportunity to eager students with excitement emanating from their joyous expressions.

Over 30 companies were present from 9:30-1:30 in the cafeteria in rooms C120 and C130, with multiple business and financial consultation firms alluring graduating students with visions of company gas cards and budget meetings in reflective skyscraper offices.

ASG was in attendance with their welcoming presence well known by employment hopeful students, never straying far from the action.

“Anything bringing community to the students and campus is a good idea,” ASG President Shellton Barnes emphatically stated of the fair, standing just outside the excitement of the main event.

Not only were there corporate positions being offered by the consortium of employers, but many of the jobs would benefit students immediately, with part-time and summer jobs being offered by companies many students probably come across daily, but probably wouldn’t know was hiring.

The Snoqualmie Casino was offering positions for those interested in the gaming industry, and giving away free casino dice to those interested.

Starbucks was represented in full force as they issued a stack of barista applications at least phone book thick to coffee enthusiasts in attendance. Being that it is the Seattle metro area, this seems commonplace, but Starbucks nonetheless is an excellent work opportunity for college attendees.

There were at least ten information technologies firms represented, causing computer enthusiasts to rejoice, especially in this area, as it is a hotbed for technological advances.

Comcast was also in full effect offering commission based sales positions with rates that insure them more than little pay on any given day. Door to door sales jobs offer highly enticing compensation to ambitious cable workers, especially for just the summer.

One table that should be particularly interesting to students seeking internships was that of Campus Point, which offered positions in a plethora of fields in and out of the business realm. They offer hundreds of local jobs and internships through their website

Though positions were at times specific, the companies all offered employment opportunities for applicants of all qualifications and credentials. Education level would also not restrict someone from finding a position that could possibly fit their personal specifications, and in addition to that, many companies offered as many as five different openings.

For a brief four hours in the cafeteria on that sunny Wednesday, people of all different personality and skill types joined together in a room to celebrate potential future endeavors; a room in which nobody lamented upon the poor economic outlook.

It was a reminder of all of the potential paths one could stray down at Bellevue College if they were just to look around.

The sun peeked its subtle head through the window for a seldom appearance, symbolic of how even during seemingly difficult times, brightness can be seen if one looks at the right time and place.

The right time was Sunday at the Jobs and Networking Fair, and the place was rooms C120 and C130 in the cafeteria.

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