Top 5 Things to Bring to College

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Although September means the clouds are coming and the sun is fading, it also means a new school year. Though this may give some a headache, the transition back to school can be much smoother with a little help from the Jibsheet. Here are some tips on what is essential to bring back with you.

1. Sense of Learning

Be prepared to learn. Want to learn. There are so many different courses offered in college, which means you are not restricted to the boring core classes you were stuck with in the past. Expand your knowledge as much as possible! The more interested you are in the courses you take, the closer and sooner you will get to finding a career path that is perfect for you.

2. Confidence

The way you carry yourself really affects the way others see you. This doesn’t mean other people’s perceptions of you are everything; it simply means that a confident you is the best you. This is college; no one cares about who you were in high school or what label you had. This is a time to start over. No more worrying about social statuses. A new year means a new you. Trust me, not only will you find people that love you just the way you are, you will find a new self-love that allows you to be someone you never thought was possible.

3. Past Knowledge

Ok, say it with me, “I promise not to make the same mistakes I did last year!” Don’t brush off everything you discovered about school and yourself during previous years. If you realized that some of the classes you failed actually had a little bit to do with your work ethic (or lack thereof) then do something about it! Learn from it, be upfront with yourself, and realize this time around that you’ll need to be smarter and more organized with your time management.

Your past knowledge isn’t limited to school work either. We all go through tough times in life. Some of us are lucky to meet good friends or have a good relationship from the beginning, and others not so much. Just because the people you hung out with or the person you were with last year brought you down the wrong path doesn’t mean you should give up all together. Like I said before, learn from it! The best part about life is getting to make wrong decisions because it just means we are closer to making the right ones.

4. New Attitude

This category is similar to number two but expands more to the way you interact with others. A new year means leaving behind past grudges and attitudes about certain people. Life is too short to be worried about other people or spend time allowing someone else to affect your life negatively. Tell those losers to kiss your ass and move on…or make amends; that works, too.

5. New Swag

Well duh, new clothes! A new school year is the perfect excuse to go shopping. Maybe even give yourself a makeover. Take advantage of the back-to-school deals and try out a new style or haircut. College is about experimenting, so go back to the lab and try things out until you find something that really works for you.

With this, and the rest of the helpful hints the Jibsheet has to offer, you’ll be ready to go back to school feeling good, looking fresh, and with a head full of knowledge to conquer the new year!