Trade a floppy disk for a flying disk for great exercise

On Feb. 1, the Bellevue College Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Club opened membership to all students. The club has been in development for more than a year now, starting as small group of friends, gradually transforming into the full-blown official club. With the breakthrough this year, and with added publicity, it has become one of the fastest growing clubs on campus. Why join the club? Club President Chris Langley had some enticing words as to why someone should join: “Everyone that’s gone [to the meets] loves it. It’s a fun time, you meet new people. It’s a good social sport.” Other members agreed, saying that it is a great way to meet people while having fun and exercising. The future of the club is looking pretty lofty. Langley hopes to start a league this upcoming fall quarter that will compete with other colleges.

The experience level of members in the Frisbee Club varies from having no experience, to 15 or more years of experience. This wide range makes it easy to fit in, even with no prior history of throwing discs. Langley said the number of regular players is a minimum of 15, with some weeks having closer to 40 people playing in several groups. There is always a game to match any skill level. There is no equipment to buy. All that’s necessary is to wear comfortable shoes to run around in. No previous knowledge is required, the rules are simple. Ben Nilson has been playing for several months and says one of the things he likes about the club is how friendly the people are. Though the club is competitive, Nilson explained how the members keep a relaxed attitude, and being a sore loser is virtually non-existent with the BC Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Club.

The club meets on Fridays outside the R building in the courtyard at around 1:30 p.m. Once the group has assembled outside R building, it moves to Robinswood Park, just across the street from the campus on the east side of 148th Avenue and the corner of SE 24 Street.

Joining the club is simple. The entire equation for the club seems to be: Show up, have fun. Repeat.