Join BC’s Microscopy Club for Skill-Building and Networking Opportunities

Sean Wu / The Watchdog

Bellevue College (BC) is launching a new club that might interest you if you’re pursuing a career in STEM or healthcare, or just want to learn more about microscopy.

Advisors and students are invited to join the new Microscopy Club, which is open to whoever wants to join. The club will provide pre-prepared slides, but students are encouraged to bring their own specimens, such as petals or leaves, to view under a microscope. The microscopy skills this club can help you develop can aid you in your current classes. For example, I’m currently in two different classes where we’re frequently using microscopes. In my anatomy and physiology class, recognizing how certain things look under a microscope is a part of our exams and quizzes. But there’s only so much practice you can do in class if you don’t have a microscope, and pictures don’t always make a great replacement. 

This is also a great opportunity to meet other students in a similar field as you. In classes, you may not have the time to really get to know your classmates, but this club provides an opportunity for you to do so. A Discord server will be available for students who join the club. It is where they can access resources or just discuss things with other students, science-related or not. The presence of an advisor will also be beneficial for students who have any questions about microscopy or other science-related content. 

Even if your career or field of study has nothing to do with microscopy, it’s still a great opportunity to have fun, learn something new and meet new people.

The club is currently looking for a BC staff member to volunteer as an advisor and is scheduled to meet in the S building with access to microscopes. Additionally, the club is searching for people who’d be interested in helping to promote it. 

People who are interested, want more information or have any questions can email Emma Fessler, the club leader, at