Transfer and benefits of becoming a student athlete

By Nathan Krohn


You’ve most likely heard the phrase “if you want something done, give it to a busy person.” In the case of collegiate athletes this may be true.

Being a college student is no easy task. Sleeping, socializing and homework fill a student’s schedule, and they’re lucky if they have time to complete more than two of the three. Add a school sport to that list and people might think you’re crazy.

It seems like a common misunderstanding that collegiate athletes are bad students. When you think about the time and effort that goes into being a student athlete, the misconception is almost understandable.

The fact is that nearly four out of five student athletes earn their diplomas on time, which is an all-time high. Furthermore, student athletes are more likely to graduate on time than other students.

According to NCAA statistics, 79 percent of all freshmen entering school in 2002-03 graduated within six years. This is a higher percentage than the average student body.

Current Chief Operating Officer of the NCAA Jim Isch discussed the visible increases in graduation rates amongst the major sports. “Over the last eight years, baseball is up ten points, and basketball is up five points. Football is up three percentage points in the bowl subdivision.”

With such substantial graduation success rates amongst student athletes, many students looking to transfer to a university this fall may want to consider participating in a school sport.

Granted, not everyone has the ability to take part in a Division I program, but intermural or club teams can be a great option.

So many students struggle with procrastination and or lack of exercise. Joining some kind of school-sanctioned sport may be the answer to both of those problems.

While club and intermural leagues aren’t nearly as competitive or require such a strong time commitment as an official school sport, they can provide you with a nice escape from the dangerous cycle of dorm, class, lunchroom, repeat.

Meet new people, exercise and most importantly, improve your grades.