My last words to our graduated staff

August 7, 2012 0

Congratulations to everyone who graduated and are heading off to four-year colleges. Thank you so much for being my biggest supporters as I took the position of Editor-in-Chief winter quarter. […]

Manning future uncertain as Colts say Luck

January 22, 2012 0

By Nathan Krohn “As the number one overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select quarterback Andrew Luck from Stanford.” If everything goes according to plan, these […]

Taste the Beast Mode

January 22, 2012 0

By Nathan Krohn MarshawnLynch got the ball and was hit immediately.  Lost in a standing pile of gigantic men the Thursday Night Football announcers on the NFL Network prematurely called […]

Not ‘just a game’ anymore

January 22, 2012 0

By Nathan Krohn On the fourth down, with little more than 11 seconds left in the game, the Baltimore Ravens called upon their kicker, Billy Cundiff, to kick a 32-yard […]

Kobe on Jordan’s level

January 22, 2012 0

By Nathan Krohn Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Few attempt to refute this statement because of its unanimous acceptance amongst players, analysts, fans and the […]

Pineda out offense in

January 22, 2012 0

By Nathan Krohn Every sports fan understands that disappointment and heartbreak are a part of the game. The most successful franchises in history have at one time experienced failure, leaving […]

Regular soda vs Diet soda

July 14, 2011 0

Regular soda or diet soda; which one? This is something that I’ve always asked myself, I love Coke but can never decide which to get, regular or diet. Diet soda […]

4th of July in Seattle

June 30, 2011 0

I can’t believe fourth of July is this coming Monday! The one holiday that indicates summer, although our summer weather is not really cooperating with us this year… Let’s see […]

2011 Wimbledon Outfits

June 30, 2011 0

It is already that time of year, yes it is Wimbledon! The outfits are of course all white and yes the women are dominating in their unique outfits for 2011. […]

Top NBA Jerseys of 2010-2011

April 26, 2011 0

Guess whose back! LeBron James takes back number one in jersey sales since April 2004 when Kobe Bryant took over number one in jersey sales.  From the list of top […]

Green Sports

April 17, 2011 0

This week, we are going to focus on keeping it green at Bellevue College.  As we know, the world’s atmosphere is changing due to our use of automobiles, plastics, refrigeration, […]

BC Player Profile: Jenessa Reid

March 4, 2011 0

Please state your name, age, high school attended. Jenessa Reid, 19, West Valley HS What initially sparked your interest in tennis? I started tennis because my mom played it all […]

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