Green Sports


This week, we are going to focus on keeping it green at Bellevue College.  As we know, the world’s atmosphere is changing due to our use of automobiles, plastics, refrigeration, and much, much more. We are unable to fix what we did in the past, but there are a couple ideas in helping the environment when you go out to workout or play in a team sport.

For starters, we all need to start carrying our own water bottles. The plastic water bottles are costly and create huge waste when manufactured.  Approximately 1.5 million barrels of oil, which can run about 100,000 cars for a whole year, is used to make plastic water bottles, and even more oil is used to transport them to stores we buy them from.

Going to the gym is a huge thing and important to our lives, but keeping yourself hydrated is just as important.  Make sure to bring in your own bottle and help save the earth one step at a time. Another way to help the earth is to run, walk, or bike to the gym instead of driving there.  You are planning on working out, so might as well warm up before actually hitting the weights. The gas you burn every single drive to the gym is unnecessary and will hurt the environment.

Stay green and try other methods that will not hurt the environment to get to the gym. If you are in a team and you have paper towels to wipe off your sweat, all you are doing is killing trees for your perspiration. Bring your own towel — one that you can wash and use over and over instead of creating waste. This will help the decrease the amount of waste dumped in waste piles around the world.

Using reused uniforms for sports teams are something we all should consider when we create matching clothes being apart of a team.  These clothing items are reused, meaning we are not wasting any new items for these brand new uniforms.

I know we all have those cloth bags to use when you go shopping so you can save plastic and paper bags, but we can also use those bags for our dirty clothes after a healthy workout at the gym or even better, a team sports event. This is just one more easy way to help save the Earth!

Think of ideas where you can stay green as you go workout at the gym or when you are with a team. There are so many more ways you can help the environment and also help you stay healthy.  Once you start this routine, it can not only enhance your performance, but also help the environment!