Vaccinations are here to protect us

Smallpox_vaccine - cropped
In 2015, we shouldn’t be having a debate about whether or not to get vaccinated. Vaccinations were created to keep us healthy and to keep us from contracting viruses and diseases that are easily preventable.

Using vaccinations as a last resort and only when an individual is on the brink of death is not the smartest choice. Getting the medication as a preventative measure should be a no-brainer.

Nobody wants to be infected with a crippling illness, and nobody wants to expose their family and friends to such a sickness – so why even risk it?
There are countries around the world that do not have the luxury of being able to be vaccinated. The idea that we selfishly turn away these medications and put our society futher at risk is both embarrassing and astounding.

While many religious groups may be against vaccination, it is important to remember that health and medicine is not the work of God or prayer, but the work of science.

Getting vaccinated and staying as safe as possible is much more effective than praying every night that measles doesn’t wrack your body.
Personally, the only vaccine that should be considered an option is the flu vaccination. Year after year, I don’t get vaccinated for it because I usually get sick right after. It’s not my cup of tea. The flu will be around no matter how hard we fight it. However, there’s a reason why polio isn’t crippling our society. Medicine and vaccinations.

Vaccinations were created for a reason – it’s as simple as that. Parents who get upset about their kids being exposed to a child who hasn’t been vaccinated for something has every right to be concerned. Just because some individuals are okay with risking their child’s life, doesn’t mean everybody else has to be.
Contrary to what seems to be a widely accepted belief, vaccines were not created to endow children with autism, disappoint God, or be something that should be waved off as optional.

The ever-increasing life expectancy only proves that modern medical technology has a definite benefit.

Get vaccinated, stay safe, and stay healthy. To willingly jeopardize one’s health and the safety of society is downright idiotic.