Where to get help with transferring on campus

Photograph by Benj Salkind

Many Bellevue College (BC) students are pursuing their associate degree to transfer to a four-year university. For some students, there is nothing more puzzling than figuring out how to apply to their selected universities.

The first and most important thing for students to do in order to transfer is order an official transcript. Transcripts from Bellevue College can be ordered in-person at Evaluation/Graduation at B125, first floor of B building or online. Students must always remember to order official transcript about two weeks before the approximate needed time because the college will take time to process the request.

A transcript may be sent to a student’s respected home or collected at Evaluation/Graduation once it is available. To send the transcript to four-year institutions, students request the college to send it directly to the designated university or send it themselves.

The Advising and Counseling at B232 may also help students in providing information for transferring. For students who do not know where B232 is, it is on the second floor of the B building, directly above the Bellevue College bookstore.

There are about 10 advisors available at the Advising and Counseling. Kim Williams, the online science advisor and program assistant explained that students are able to make appointments with different advisors depending on their major. She added drop-in advising is also available but it is recommended that students make appointments in person at the Advising Counseling.

Bellevue College also provides online advising for students who have simple and less serious questions. For general online advising, students can e-mail advising@bellevuecollege.edu.

As for international students, there are advisors that work specifically with them because there are different protocols that they have to follow. However, International students may also meet up with specified advisors at Advising and Counseling to ask clarification on specific major requirements.

Students are recommended to meet with advisors at least once a quarter to check in on their progress. Advisors are able to guide students on what classes to take for their chosen major and make transfers easier and quicker.

The next step students have to do in order to transfer to their designated four-year institutions is to check with their potential schools: other requirements that may be needed.

Some schools may ask for a student’s high school transcripts or SAT scores but some may not. The best solution to answer any doubts students have is to make an appointment with an advisor.

Transferring students who need financial aid should apply for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To apply, students can visit FAFSA’s website at www.fafsa.gov.

Each school has a different application for financial aid so keep in mind that students have to fill in another application at each school when transferring to another institution.

Bellevue College students are able to enjoy the luxury of having many services provided at campus. If students plan well, transferring may not be as puzzling and daunting as it seems.