Embrace Winter and Love It

(Photo by: Luka Poletaeva)
There’s that awkward moment when you can’t wear skirts, shorts, tank tops, or your one-use-per-year sunglasses anymore. Winter is pushing out our wimpy fall early and is turning Washington into a winter wonderland. Add that to the constant Seattle drizzle, and you’ll end up with a red nose, shivers, and pounds of clothes in order to keep you warm (but at least it’s an excuse to wear your UGGs).

I get it. Winter sucks. But here’s the thing: we often overlook the positives of winter as we long for warmer weather. While it’s here, let’s enjoy it. There are plenty of things to get excited about.

Besides the seemingly inescapable holiday tunes claiming for it to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” you get some pretty sweet deals at the mall. If you’re into shopping like me, then you without a doubt will be drawn into some of the jaw-dropping sales your favorite stores have to offer.

Ice skating is a year-round activity/sport, but being a Bellevueite, I do not enjoy traveling to Renton on a regular basis to find a decent ice rink. Problem solved when the winter comes around. The Downtown Bellevue Park, located across from Bellevue Square, has an ice rink for the winter. Come with friends and enjoy skating, watching your friends fall down, and helping your cute friend tie their skates. A little side note, if you’re a regular skater, I suggest you bring your own skates.

Another thumbs up for winter is skiing and snowboarding. This is La Niña winter. Therefore, the mountains will be getting bounteous amounts of snow, which makes for a great ski season. This is the time for you to try to powder ski (go over fresh snow). Slopes are steep, but “if you fall, it feels like you are falling into a marshmallow,” says Jibsheet news editor Michelle Frederickson.

Food. Do not deny your love for it. The winter holidays not only bring chilly weather, but also encourage businesses like Starbucks to produce holiday flavors like the eggnog and pumpkin latté. I’m a huge fan of eggnog and get super stoked when it hits the stores. Along with eggnog, you can’t forget the cookies. Homemade sugar cookies with jam in the center are absolutely to die for. Sipping a cup of hot chocolate while munching on homemade winter cookies will have me purring. But one of my favorite things to do during winter is making cookies and then delivering them to my friends, which brings me to my next point.

During winter, there’s a happier atmosphere. We give and spend time with our families more than usual in the winter. Did you notice that BC has almost the entire month of December off? That’s right. Stop stressing over classes and just enjoy your break and spend time with your friends and family.
One of my favorite things about winter is preparation for the holidays. A wreath goes up on my door and decorative lights make me feel more festive. Strolling through cities, holiday lights are scattered through the trees, adding even more beauty to the place we call home.

This is the season of snuggles. Snuggling under a blanket on the couch with your special someone is perfect for winter. Make it a movie night, and you’ve got yourself a fun, relaxing, and romantic date!

If it snows, go outside and challenge your friends to a snowball fight. Sled down the hills. Be a kid again. Not only do you get the opportunity to have fun, but you can also admire our beautiful state. When it snows, it is absolutely gorgeous. Washington truly looks like a winter wonderland when the Evergreen trees are blanketed by fresh white snow.

My other much-loved aspect of winter is New Year’s Eve. Watching fireworks and staying up all night with the people I care about is fantastic. Just be careful when driving on New Year’s Eve.

Though you may be tempted to shrivel up because of the totally freezing temperatures, you can look around and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and savor all of the benefits of winter.