A Graduate’s Gratitudes: Farewell and Thank-You Letter to Bellevue College

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With graduation fast approaching the class of 2023, here is a farewell and thank-you letter to the college that allowed me much freedom in my educational pursuits. 

Dear Bellevue College,

I stepped foot on campus as an intimidated runt-of-the-litter straight from high school, but I am incredibly proud to leave as a fully grown Bulldog. Throughout my two years at this institution, I have learned much about myself — from my interests, passions and goals to how I navigate a challenging world, how I can critically think and how to immerse myself in my nearest community. 

After finding my passion for journalism through a program in winter of 2021, I had no idea how I would satisfy this newly found interest next. Little did I know that just a few months later, I would stumble upon an email regarding new positions open for BC’s newspaper, The Watchdog. Reporting on news for our community has been an incredible journey and an opportunity I will never forget. From events to personal pieces to creating videos, this creative outlet is something I am thankful the BC community has. 

Additionally, the BC community would not be as special as it is if not for the amazing faculty I have come across. Having never seen myself excel in science-related courses, I went into Oceanography with a false-confident heart. However, it was not long before I realized just how much fun I was having thanks to Dr. Wang. Her kindness and organization made the class a wonderful and comfortable environment, allowing me to find an interest in something I would have never thought I would. The same goes for Professor Lane, an instructor I had for Environmental Science. Her passion radiated through the screen, and it in and of itself was incredibly inspirational. 

Having loved English since ninth grade, I did not expect my interest to expand as much as it has. However, I attribute much of this to Dr. Silano and Professor Diaconoff. Both of their classes have allowed me to discover more about my abilities, desires and goals when it comes to establishing my own personal prose. From “Writing Fiction I” to challenging my nonfiction skills in “The Research Paper,” I have grown immensely thanks to their feedback, support and care. 

If I had to share a piece of advice with future Bulldogs, it would be to take advantage of your elective classes! I found my interest in English relatively early on and I chose to dedicate my remaining electives to that field. However, I find myself interested in fields similar but outside of this realm. So, while I plan to stay on a similar path, I wish I could take courses from other areas of writing before I transfer to a four-year university this coming fall. Nevertheless, I am incredibly thankful to have called BC’s campus my home for two years, and I cannot express my gratitude to this institution. 

To my other graduating Bulldogs, I hope you also enjoyed your time here, and best of luck with your future endeavors!