A “Hart”-felt trip

The Internet teaches us that even stupid animations of flying cats can become media sensations. Bored and home alone? Brace yourself and try the cinnamon challenge. Love British accents? Try searching ‘charlieissocoollike’ or ‘danisnotonfire.’ Love experimentation, food and drinking to your heart’s desire? I highly recommend “My Drunk Kitchen.”

Hannah Hart’s first episode of “My Drunk Kitchen” was uploaded to Youtube on March 16, 2011 titled “Butter Yo’ Shit.” Hart’s mission was to make a cooking show and to get drunk while doing it, providing foolhardy, giddy humor and disastrous cooking for millions of viewers. “Let’s talk about the importance of cooking when you are drunk. It’s important to remember that if you are drinking, you should also be dancing,” she says to introduce her channel. Don’t worry; Hart is always supervised when filming to avoid slicing off her finger on camera.

While her early episodes consist of the stumbling, mumbling mess as the name suggests, Hannah Hart has evolved into a community activist, organizing charities and donation drives at nationwide food banks.

Hart’s “Hello, Harto” charity tour just ended with the crew’s return to Hart’s home in Los Angeles. The tour was hugely successful and was responsible for the redistribution of 100,000 pounds of food to families in need. The tour was a combination of a traveling comedy show and a charity tour. Videos were presented in three forms including video blogging, travel exclusives and of course the classic “My Drunk Kitchen,” filmed in the homes of host families in each city.

What do I appreciate most about Hannah Hart? She’s brave. She’s not afraid to be herself in front of her large online audience. Over a series of videos on her “Yourharto” channel, she talks about coming to terms with being a lesbian and advocates for homosexual awareness and acceptance. “I feel responsible for you. I feel responsible for being authentic. I can tell you guys about the things I know and we can all help each other. Do I still have issues with the fact that I’m gay? Yes, in a very deep and personal way. Am I ashamed about it? Absoultely not.” I believe Hannah Hart is a wholesome, genuine comedian for young adults, risky domestic behavior aside. But who doesn’t love a little fun in the kitchen? Check out “My Drunk Kitchen” at www.youtube.com/user/MyHarto.