A romantic summer in Bellevue

Courtesy of http://www.glamour.com

Derived from the French name meaning “beautiful view,” Bellevue is full of unlimited romantic opportunities this summer.

This upcoming weekend from July 27-29, Bellevue will be hosting not one, not two, but three fairs in the downtown area. Bellevue Festival of the Arts, as well as Bellevue Art Museum’s Arts Fair and Bellevue’s 6th Street Fair, will attract about 150,000 people. Stroll through the booths and enjoy anything from sculptures to photography to mixed media. And with a festival comes those oh-so-unhealthy yet oh-so-delicious, deep-fried and frequently on a stick, sweet and savory snacks. What a perfect opportunity to appreciate fine art and food you can only get at a fair or festival!

Who could forget those childhood memories of either terrorizing or being terrorized by water balloons thrown by all involved? Bring back those memories while creating new ones with your significant other by having a backyard water balloon fight.

Valley 6 Drive-In Theater, located in Auburn, offers double features for the price of $9 a person. Cuddle in the car, on the hood, on the roof or anywhere you and your special someone feel comfortable, because at drive-in movies, you get the same movie theater feel but with more space and flexibility for comfort.

Drive-in movies are super fun but can be a mini road trip if you aren’t looking to stray away from the Bellevue area. As an alternative, take your laptop, blanket and picnic basket and enjoy a movie together on the beach after the sun goes down.

BC offers planetarium shows about once a month on campus for free. Experience the high definition projections as you learn about stars and what exists beyond our solar system. If the weather is clear, there will sometimes even be a sky viewing through BC’s telescopes. The next planetarium show is Friday, August 3.

Self-serve frozen yogurt is like the new version of barista stands; they are popping up everywhere! Check out Peaks at Crossroads, Blissberri at Bellevue Square Mall and Yogurtland by the Downtown Bellevue Park. It’s the perfect romantic way to grab a cold snack after a long walk around the park. If you want to stay closer to BC, take a tiny walk up to the 148th Café and grab a smoothie or if it’s a bit chilly, a beautifully crafted cup of hot chocolate.

If you both are active people and always bouncing off of the wall, then check out Sky High Sports, a giant place filled with trampolines and fun. Just be careful not to break any bones, as trampolines frequently cause injuries.

Bellevue Square Mall is one of the top destinations for people when visiting Bellevue and located right across from it is Lucky Strike, a bowling alley and arcade. Treat yourself to a night of fun by trying to race each other in the car racing games, play air hockey, skee ball or one of the many different games the arcade has to offer. Then after, walk right over to the bowling alley. If you aren’t in a bowling mood, then play a game of pool. Loser has to buy dessert.

In the event something low key sounds appealing, then cook a meal together at home. Enjoy a barbeque outdoors, prep salads and juice. At the conclusion of your meal, roast marshmallows while enjoying each other’s company and have a wonderful evening full of giggles and love.

Bellevue sometimes appears to lack great date ideas, but when you step back and really absorb all of the opportunities for romance, there are actually tons of ideas. Take advantage of them! Visit the many parks, get lost together on a trail and just enjoy each other’s company as you embrace summer romance.