Earn a degree from EWU through BCC

Save time and money when completing a bachelor’s degree on BCC campus.

A new degree in psychology, offered by Eastern Washington University at BCC’s campus, increases students’ possibilities to find an attractive education close-by, and at a lower cost. From now on, students can earn five bachelor’s degrees from Eastern at BCC.

Two weeks ago Washington Higher Education Coordinate Board approved the Bachelor’s Program in Psychology offered by Eastern at BCC campus, according to Greg Dempsey, the EWU at BCC Operations Manager.

“BCC has got a verbal approval and is waiting on the formal letter,” said Dempsey. He added that it is approved for spring 2008.

The program is already up and running with 10 students. They will be able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Eastern, even though they started the program before its approval.

The other bachelor’s degrees offered at BCC through Eastern are in Applied Technology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Business Administration with a major in management and the Childrens Studies Early Childhood Education Option.

A shorter commute and a lower total cost for a bachelor’s degree are among the advantages.

Part of the credits in Eastern’s programs are taught by BCC faculty, and thereby based on BCC tuition fees. The B.A. in Technology can be completed in two years if the student has an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) from an eligible program.

Of the 100 credits needed, 40 are priced at the BCC lower division fee and the remaining 60 at EWU’s tuition fee of $178 per credit hour.

Classes are also scheduled to fit into the life of working adults, making it possible to complete a degree while keeping a job.

“We like to think of it as an upside-down degree,” said Sylvia Unwin, Instructor in Information Technology, who also advices future students about the program. “Students do the technical stuff first [when earning their AAS], and then two years of less specific classes.”

The other four programs offer a wide spectrum of opportunities for the students graduating.

The B.A. in Psychology prepares students for work in education, business management, and social services or to pursue a graduate education.

A graduate education is also a possibility after earning a B.A. in Interdisciplinary studies.

All four programs include 90 BCC credits and 90 Eastern credits.

The partnership between Eastern and BCC started five years ago, with Eastern offering a B.A. in Technology and a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. The two programs, B.A. in Business Administration and B.A. in Children’s Studies Early Childhood Education Option, were added three years ago.

There are currently about 200 Eastern students at BCC, according to Dempsey. He estimates that 65 will graduate this spring.

BCC also offers a bachelor’s of Applied Science in Radiation and Imaging Science, and the possibility to earn an online bachelors degree from Washington State University, University of Washington and Edmonds Community College through partnerships with these institutions. For more information on the bachelors programs offered at BCC, go to http://bellevuecollege.edu/programs/degrees/bachelor/.